Pain & Arthritis

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Pain & Arthritis

Many people today are looking for pain relief

Whether it’s an old football injury, arthritis, carpel tunnel from typing from 9-5, back strain from throwing out your back years ago or blinding migraines, we know, all too well, how common these ailments are. One of the main reasons people want a hot tub is for pain relief.

Hot Tub therapy is recognized as one of the best and most natural pain reducers. By mixing buoyancy, hydrotherapy and heat, a hot tub delivers the main elements of pain relief without needing to reach for another expensive prescription drug.

Arthritis Benefits

The Arthritis Foundation endorses hot tubs as a major source of treatment for arthritis. By increasing buoyancy, your organs actually weigh less which reduces stress on your joints, muscles and tendons. By delivery heat and a hydrotherapy massage, circulation is increased in your muscles which increases the flow of blood and endorphins.

Combine all of that and you’re getting a pain therapy that you simply cannot get anywhere else other than a hot tub. No matter what part of your body is in pain, you owe it to yourself to get rid of it and begin to live pain free and relaxed!

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