Baqua Spa Waterline Control: Getting rid of Sticky Waterline Deposits

If you’re getting a sticky waterline build-up that sticks to the edge of your spa and is tough to remove, this post is for you! Here are the reasons that a sticky waterline deposit can occur when you are using the BaquaSpa product line:

  • You are not using (or not using enough) BaquaSpa Waterline control Step #1
  • Your water is not in balance
  • There is an excess of body oils in your spa (or you haven’t drained your spa in over 3 months)

baqua spa waterline controlI’m still having a problem! If your water is in balance, your hot tub has been drained in the past 3 months and you use step #1 religiously and you still have the sticky waterline problem, try the following:

  • Try a maintenance “mid-week” dose of Waterline Control. If you do your chemicals every Saturday, throw 1/2 of your normal dose in every Wednesday until you see the problem corrected.
  • Clean off the scumline with BaquaSpa Surface cleaner (this product contains hydrochloric acid and definitely does the trick!)

What does Waterline Control (#1) do? Good question! Step #1 reduces the bubbles that burst above the waterline (which can be really irritating to your throat). It coats the sanitzer product (step #3) and the bacteria in the water and won’t allow it to attach to the shell wall. Sanitizer + bacteria= a sticky mess. Step #1 works to prevent that sticky mess from touching your hot tub walls (or waterline!)

Helpful Tip

Be sure to have your JET PUMP on when you’re adding waterline control- not your blower. The air from the blower will have an adverse effect on the waterline control product! (This is a good rule to follow for ALL your chemicals- always the jet pump, never the blower!)

BaquaSpa users sound off: did you try the suggestions above and did they work? Or has something else worked for you in the past? Fill us in and/or ask us more questions!


  1. http://AndrewSiminoff says

    I have a new spa and have had this skum line issue since day one! Champagne Spas in San Diego had me add the Baqua Spa Metal Control claiming this was from metal in the water. I called the 800# in the baqua spa manual and they said add more ozidizer #2 and that made my throat sore. The skum line is still there. This is my 4th spa. I had no real issues with chlorine. I am trying to like Baqua but so far I am not pleased. If you have better ideas, send them to me!

  2. http://Spring%20Dance says

    Since we can't test your water, this is just a guess, but I don't think it's from the metals in your water. I would suggest increasing your step #1 (waterline control) For example, if you add 6 ounces per week every Saturday, on Wed. add 3 ounces. See if that helps. We suggest this to our customers and it usually clears up in a week or two after adding a little bit more of step #1! Hope this helps!

  3. http://Anonymous says

    I initially had the common problems with Baqua Spa then began to read the experiences of other users on the Internet. I found I was using way too much Baqua Spa chemistry. I began to use 1/2 the recommended amounts and my water clarified, no scum and most important, no throat irritation.

    I recommend before adding any of the Baqua Spa chemistry MAKE SURE YOUR WATER IS BALANCED FOR pH AND HARDNESS. This will make a huge difference in your success with Baqua Spa.

    Start out using 1/2 the recommended start up and maintenance doses and keep testing. If your test show the need for more chemistry or you have a problem such as scum or throat irritation then don't hesitate to use more chemistry. Make sure you test after several hours or overnight before adding more chemistry because it is very easy to end up with more chemistry than you need which will cause you problems.

    Too much Waterline Control I have found makes the spa milky. If this happens reduce the amount you use don't increase it. Add only as much as needed to keep the waterline clean of scum.

    Only add Sanitizer (#3) if your tests indicate it is needed. If you use more than needed you will have throat irritation. Baqua Spa Sanitizer does not deteriate like clorine which has to be added nearly after every use.

    Have patience and dial in your need for adding Baqua Spa chemistry, believe me it is worth it. Crystal clear water, no scum at all and no throat irriation; you skin will feel clean when you get out and Baqua Spa will not irritate or dry out your skin.

    Once I figured this out, I have been extremely happy for over 3 years of use.

    Good luck and remember to balance your water when you refill before you add Baqua Spa.

  4. http://Spring%20Dance says

    Anonymous- I wish I knew your name to thank you for your Baqua testimonial! But THANK YOU! I will be posting your comment as a blog post so that more Baqua Spa users can learn the tricks you have for a more enjoyable soak!

  5. http://Morrieanne says

    I have found that a rolled up pair of pantyhose rubbed along the ring mark cleans it off easily. No need to add any cleaning agent. Works better than magic eraser and every other suggestion I have come across. Give it a go.

  6. http://Randy says

    Baqua also reacts with chlorine. If your tap water is chlorinated you will have the brown goo right away. Try using a hose end carbon activated filter when filling your spa, keep the sanitizer low levels, don’t over use waterline control or you will have market water, shower before you get in to lower the body oils and bacteria. It’s the exploded bacteria cells and chlorine molecules by the baquacide that creates the goo. Also keep the water at a lower ph. High ph generates more goo as well.

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