Aquatic Fitness Systems

We are so excited to introduce our new product line:

Exercising in water is a GREAT way to get (or stay) in shape without the aches and pains of a “normal” workout.  When your body weight is supported by water, your chances of injury decrease significantly.
Some of the MANY health benefits include:
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Diabetes control
  • Sleep Enhancement
  • Weight Management
  • Back Pain relief
  • Prenatal health
and so much more!
Isn’t an AFS just a small pool? No! While it might look like a pool, the AFS is a hydrotherapuetic work-out center! You have the room to do full exercises (even swim!) like in a pool with the benefits of soaking in warm water!
What makes AFS different from the other brands out there? AFS is set-apart by it’s:
  • Ultra-Versatile Exercises
  • Brillliant Water clarify (provided by two cutting-edge technologies in pure, clean water)
  • Energy Efficiency
not to mention that it’s a winner of worldwide recognition, certification and awards!
Dream about what the AFS could look like in your backyard!

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