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Hot Tub Care Guide

Even the most seasoned hot tub owner calls us from time to time with questions about something common with their hot tub. And we don’t blame them at all. In a world where everything seemingly needs to be maintained- light bulbs, fridge filters, A/C units, oil changes for the car, heel replacements on that expensive pair of Louboutins, bed pillows (I JUST found out I’m supposed to be replacing those once a year- I guess the pillow I have from college is probably past it’s prime years, huh?!)- it’s easy to forget hot tub maintenance.

But we make it EASY! Here are some quick reminders for your Hot Tub Housekeeping.

  • Change your water: A couple times of year is great. While our hot tub’s filtration is the best on the market & we’re sure our water care systems kill any potential bacteria, it’s best to start fresh a few times a year!
  • Change your Silver Ion cartridges: If you’re on a chlorine + ozone system, most likely you had a silver ion (also called SunPurity for Sundance) cartridge installed in your filter or filter area at some point! Those stop working after 3-4 months & should be replaced. Sign up for our auto-ship program & you’ll never forget! Download the form here or order a few replacements online
  • Clean your filters: Because our filtration is so good, your filters will get extra dirty. Make sure you clean them according to the instructions for your type of filter. Forget what cleaning procedure is right for your tub? Download our Filter cleaning instructions!
  • Protect & Clean your cover: We suggest that every time you drain & refill your spa, you also hose down & clean off any dirt & debris from your hot tub cover. Then use 303 Vinyl Protectant which is like an SPF for the vinyl on your hot tub cover!
Download our helpful Quick Tips for Hot Tub Care Guide & keep it with your hot tub chemicals!


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    Great article. I love my hot tub and really want to make sure it lasts so thanks for all the tips.

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