Hot Tip: Hot Tub Pillow Care

hot tub pillow careDoes this pillow look familiar!? Have your pillows changed colors, torn or started to fall apart!?

Hot Tub pillows really take a beating. They’re just in your hot tub, minding their own business & then BOOM- hot tub chemicals get throw in the water. That’s always a good thing, but if too much chemical enters the water, after the bacteria is eaten, your pillows get attacked. To stop your pillows from turning into that lovey picture shown here try these few tips:

  • Always let your hot tub “breathe” after throwing chemicals into the water- leave the cover open & run the jets for 15-20 minutes
  • Remember to close your cover when your hot tub is not in use– especially on those sunny days. Prolonged exposure to sun will fade your pillows or even cause them to shrink slightly.
Happy Pillows make a Happy Hot Tub!

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