Hot Tub Spring Cleaning Tips!

With the change of seasons you’re cleaning your windows, your car & that back closet in the basement you haven’t entered in years, so don’t forget about your hot tub!

Here are a few Spring Cleaning Tips to get your hot tub in TOP Shape for the season:

Hot Tub Spring Cleaning

1. Purge your Spa: Before Draining, put a Spa Purge agent into your hot tub to clean out bacteria from the plumbing lines. We like Clean Start by Silk Balance or Spa Purge by Natural Chemistry

2. Drain your hot tub: Remember to turn off the power to your hot tub first!

3. Clean the surface of your spa: Paying special attention to the water lines where sticky build-up can occur. Don’t forget to wipe down your pillows too! We recommend cleaning the inside of your hot tub with a solution that does not create suds and is not abrasive. Use this solution with a soft rag. For hard-to-clean stains, try a surface cleaner like one made by BaquaSpa or Brilliance for spas. After cleaning, rinse the hot tub thoroughly to get rid of any cleaning solution residue.

4. Clean & Protect Your Cover: Take note of any rips & tears in the vinyl of your cover as these issues can cause loss of heat to your hot tub. Check out our Cover Check-up List to see if it’s time to replace your cover. Protect your cover with 303 Vinyl Protectant.

5. Clean the exterior cabinet: Wipe down your cabinet with a mild cleanser. Hot Tip: Spray 303 Vinyl Protectant on your cabinet to make it look new again! Nothing makes a cabinet look better than 303!

6. Clean your Filters: Depending on the type of Hot Tub you have, your filter requires different care & cleaning. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper care, or read up on the most common filter care for the hot tubs we sell at Spring Dance.

Following these 6 tips will ensure your hot tub is ready for use all season! If you don’t have the patience or time to worry about Spring Cleaning your hot tub, contact us to Schedule Hot Tub Maintenance.


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