The Spa Expo: Why we won’t be there

 We get asked all the time by our customers, potential hot tub buyers, friends and even our moms:
"Are you going to be at the big Spa Expo this weekend?"
And we understand why they ask-- the hot tub expo does a ton of advertising saying "Multiple Brands competing for your business." And it would make sense that we would be at an event where there are multiple hot tub brands, right!?

Multiple Brands not present at the Hot Tub and Swim Spa Expo

But we're not at these Spa Expos because there is actually only one brand represented. Household name-brands like Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, D-1, Max Spas and Marquis aren't going to be there. The hot tub expo gets away with advertising multiple grands because the manufacturer carries a few different lines of hot tubs & spas. But they all come from the same place-- and one hot tub retailer represents them all. Besides the misrepresentation of multiple brands, here are a few things we've learned about these Hot Tub and Swim Spa Expos from customers & friends who have visited:

No chance to try out the hot tubs

Because this is a one weekend only event, the expo center will be filled with hot tubs and swim spas brought in to be sold immediately. You’ll be offered a chance to sit in some of the hot tubs that are on display, but they aren't going to be filled with water (and who wants to strip down into a bathing suit in an expo center full of people anyway!?) Just like when purchasing a car, it is important to “wet-test” a hot tub before you buy. You never know how the jets are going to feel until you test it out. And if you’re on the taller or shorter end, you want to make sure the water depth is just right. While you might be able to order the custom colors you want, more than likely the sales team will be pushing the models they have on display so that they clear our their inventory immediately.

High-Pressure Sales Reps

The sales reps at the Spa Expos are brought in specifically for the event. They are experienced show sales people, and are trained to get the sale on the spot (if they don't close the deal that weekend, they don't get commission) They are high-pressure and want you to make a decision immediately. We think that it’s best to take your time when considering adding a hot tub to your home. It’s an investment that will make a great addition to your backyard or interior room & you want to be sure you’re picking the right brand. We even suggest scheduling a backyard consultation before you take delivery.

Be Informed

If you do end up going to a Spa Expo in your local area here are some good questions to ask the hot tub company: 1. Do you Operate a Showroom in my local area? And how long have you been in business? 2. Who do I call for a service or repair issue? 3. What is your cancellation policy? And more.. Check out some great questions in our Hot Tub Buyer's Guide before you go to the Hot Tub Expo! Happy Hot tub Shopping! And please stop by one of our 3 Philadelphia Area Hot Tub Showrooms if you're in our local area! //


  1. Rebekah:
    What a great post! You hit all of the reasons to stay away from the so-called Hot Tub Expo.
    Test soaking is a must:

    And so is the all important backyard consultation:

    You could add another big reason to stay away from any hot tub that doesn’t have water and isn’t running. The #2 reason why people hate their current hot tub? Hot tub noise. When shopping for a hot tub it’s important to “shop with your ears”. Hot tub noise is annoying, stress-inducing & makes for bad relations with your neighbors. Hot Spring Spas are the only brand I know that has no noise operation when filtering and heating. That’s alone is worth it.

    Great post.
    Thanks for the info,

  2. Great post,wish I had seen this before purchasing the one we now own! We got the con job from one of those ” sales representatives”! What a mistake that was,being short & with a disability I couldn’t even use the tub when it came, the steps that came with it weren’t much help. I got a grab on handle for a aide to get into ours which didn’t help much either ?. There wasn’t much of a booklet for the hot tub either when it arrived & it doesn’t even have an on & off button on it! Needless to say it sits un- used in our downstairs room, which doesn’t help me ,the reason i wanted one to begin with. Never will make that mistake again, if we ever find a buyer for this one because it also wasn’t cheap and we will take a loss for sure.. Thank you for warning people before hand!!

  3. We went to swim spa expo in dallas area today, complete waste of time….it was only one brand Inever heard of and prices were ridiculous,19,995 for a 12 foot swim spa!? they have no local sales office, what happens if you have a problem, who is here to repair it. Salesmen were terrible, in that they did not show the the pump ,equipment, what makes their line of spa different then other manufacturers, etc..

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