Most Popular Hot Tub Models of 2012

This is the time of year when we take a moment to reflect back on 2012. One of the things we like to do is look at our most popular hot tub models from the year. We’re excited to share the trends we’ve observed in our hot tub showrooms in the past year starting with The most Popular Hot Tubs of 2012:

Hot Spring Grandee

The Grandee lands on our top list for the 14th year (every year we’ve been in business!) so this is no big surprise!

The Grandee is one of the most popular hot tub models in the country because of it’s size (it’s 8’4″ x 7’7”  and 38” high), Open-seating configuration (It seats 7 people in the roomy layout) and available options like Wireless Entertainment and the Hot Spring Spa exclusive Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System.

The Grandee has an impressive 4.75 out or 5 star rating from Hot Spring Spa owners: Check out the Grandee Reviews

hot spring grandee

Hot Spot Rhythm

The Hot Spot Rhythm is on fire! This model had a BIG jump in popularity over 2011.

The Rhythm is another open-seating hot tub sized at 7’x7′ and seats 6 adults. The inside lights up beautifully with 10 LED multi-colored points of light, and the rhythm has a “foot pod” in the center with FOUR precision jets for a soothing foot massage.

hot spot rhythm

Hot Spring Limelight Pulse

Once again open-seating configuration rules with the Limelight Pulse (I’m starting to feel bad for our hot tubs with a lounge seat!) At 7’5″ x 7’5″ and 38″ height this 6-seater spa lights up the evening sky beautifully with the Hot Spring Limelight exclusive Raio lighting system!

Plus the Limelight Pulse has options like a factory-installed MP3 system and the exclusive ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System

hot spring limelight pulse

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We ran a list of our most popular colors combinations from 2012 and the winner was: Pearl Interior with Espresso Exterior:

hot tub colors

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