The Top Ten Most Popular Hot Tubs for 2017

The results are in! These are our Top Ten Hot Tub Models for 2017!

How To Create A Relaxing Hot Tubbing Area In Your Backyard

Not sure how to create the perfect hot tubbing area in your backyard? We have ideas!

5 Reasons Everyone Loves Hot Tubs

Everyone Loves Hot Tubs– we know why!

Do you have to pay a lot of money for a good hot tub?

We’re discussing the question: What do hot tubs cost and answering “Do I have to pay a lot for a Good Hot Tub?”

Hot to buy an affordable hot tub

If you want to join the Hot Tubber club, but are concerned about the additional costs like installing a concrete pad, updating your deck or adding the appropriate electrical wiring, we have the perfect hot tub for you! Our Plug-N-Play Freeflow Spas offer an affordable hot tub that simply plugs into any existing electrical outlet. Freeflow […]

The Best Hot Tub Manufacturers: Why it matters

If you’ve been researching hot tubs you’ve no doubt come across many different hot tub brands during your research. You’ve probably stopped into a few local hot tub dealerships and asked your hot-tubber friends for recommendations. But don’t stop there! Make sure you investigate the Best Hot Tub Manufacturer’s Reputation: What type of Manufacturer are they? The hot […]

How many jets do I need in a hot tub?

When shopping for a hot tub you will see many hot tubs boasting dozens upon dozens or even hundreds of jets! It turns out it’s a misconception that the more jets a hot tub has, the better it is. How many jets do I need in a hot tub? Instead of focusing on the number […]

Calling all Hot Tubbers: Keep Calm and Hot Tub on!

A little message for you Hot Tubbers out there: Remember when the stress of the day is getting to you, taking just 15-20 minutes in your hot tub will help melt the stress away! So when life feels like it’s too much: Keep Calm and Hot Tub On!  Are you a Hot Tubber? Do you […]

The benefits of a Hot Spring Spa

Learn about the benefits of our Hot Spring Spas from energy efficiency, our jets & Salt Water hot tub capability!

What’s so great about Saltwater Hot Tubs?

We love Saltwater Hot Tubs around here! Here are a few reasons why: Our tubs look, feel and smell great. The Ace Salt Water Sanitizing System leaves your spa water sparkling clean and silky soft. Our Ace system creates 5 powerful cleaners so it is easier to care for your hot tub and saves you time. […]