How to Prepare a Hot Tub for a Winter Storm

Before a big winter storm, follow these steps to protect your hot tub.

INFOGRAPHIC: A complete Guide to Hot Tub Care

Our pals over at Swim University created this great Infographic that covers common hot tub care! Check it out & let us know what you think in the comments! Note to ACE Salt Water Hot Tub users: Some of this does not apply to you. Be sure to follow the instructions given to you about […]

How often Should I Drain a Hot Tub?

A great question that new or even seasoned hot tub owners wonder is: How Often Should I Drain a Hot Tub? Here is what we recommend at Spring Dance Hot Tubs: If you’re on the ACE Salt Water System Drain your spa every 6-9 months If you’re using BaquaSpa Drain your spa every 3-4 months […]

Help! I have Cloudy Hot Tub Water

Is your hot tub water cloudy? Even after you recently drained & refilled your spa? Cloudy Hot Tub Water is usually caused by two things: Water that is out of balance Bacteria in the water. Try these steps for cloudy hot tub water: Test your water balance (Test in this order: Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness) […]

Hot Tub Care Instructions

Do you ever feel confused by your Hot Tub Care instructions? There are water care instructions in your hot tub owner’s manual, under your hot tub filter lid and in packets from the hot tub store where you purchased. And often times each instructional sheet is slightly different. Based on best practices from selling and […]

Cleaning a hot tub: Using the Spa Vac

Do you know how you can get stones or grit stuck at the bottom of your hot tub that are really difficult to clean? Enter the Spa Vac! Check out this How-to video showing how easy cleaning a hot tub is using the Spa Vac: This great hot tub vacuum is sold in our online […]

How to Clean a hot tub

Here are some tips on how to clean a hot tub & get it in TOP SHAPE for the soaking season: 1. Purge your Spa: Before Draining, put a Spa Purge agent into your hot tub to clean out bacteria from the plumbing lines. We like Clean Start by Silk Balance. 2. Drain your hot tub: […]

How to Drain a hot tub

With the change of each season, it is the perfect time to drain and clean your hot tub. But wait! Do you know How to Drain a Hot Tub? Your hot tub (most likely) has a built-in drainage feature! This post will cover the brands we carry in our Hot Tub Showrooms, so consult your owner’s manual […]

Is your Hot Tub Cover Heavy?

Have you noticed your hot tub cover seems to have gotten heavier over the years? This is something that happens with cover age & is normal. Even the best made vinyl out there will eventually allow water into the foam cores. Covers can last anywhere from 3-5 years & it’s important to replace your cover, […]

Hot Tip: Hot Tub Pillow Care

Does this pillow look familiar!? Have your pillows changed colors, torn or started to fall apart!? Hot Tub pillows really take a beating. They’re just in your hot tub, minding their own business & then BOOM- hot tub chemicals get throw in the water. That’s always a good thing, but if too much chemical enters […]