Hillbilly Hot Tub

Nascar fans were spotted having a good ol’ time with their “Hillbilly Hot Tub” recently! Everyone loves hot tubs! Source

Hot Tub Spotted: As a Garden?

A couple in Memphis, TN had a 15 year old hot tub that was sitting empty in their backyard. Due to the fact that their spa heater required natural gas to run (something that is NOT required in our hot tubs!) and the rising price of gas, they weren’t using the hot tub anymore. So […]

Hot Tubs Spotted: On a movie set!

By the looks of it, there was a big hot tub sale going on in Easton, PA last weekend.  Until we looked a little closer & saw…. Adam Sandler!? Is he picking up some extra money by working as a hot tub salesman!? Adam Sandler on the set of his new film! Turns out he […]

Fourth of July HOT TUB Party Checklist!!

Patriotic Plates, Cups& Napkins available at Target! While a pool party might be what you think of for a picnic on July 4th (and we love those!), why not try throwing a Hot Tub Party!? Here are some ideas that we’ve come up with so your hot tub party is one your neighbors & friends […]

Hot Tub featured in ad for Immodium!

We love when hot tubs pop up in ads for items that aren’t hot tubs. Immodium came out with this advertisement awhile back & I just saw the commercial that went along with the campaign: It features a Hot Spring Spa!!! (Not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing!) (source🙂

Spanish Lesson for your Cinco De Mayo

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Have you ever thought “I wonder how to say “Hot Tub” IN Spanish?” I bet you have*! Today you’re going to learn. Well, kinda. I asked a friend who has MANY Hispanic Co-workers the appropriate translation and she asked around & then shared that: Tub= Tina Caliente= Hot However, “Caliente Tina” […]

Love your Hot Tub Part 2

On Friday we shared some of our Spring Dance Hot Tubs’ customer reasons why they LOVE their hot tub! Don’t miss what they said. Today, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we’re featuring a few more responses: “Our hot tub is our winter resort and weekend getaway all in one. We have an opportunity to be outdoors […]

Don’t take it from US! Here’s why our Customers LOVE their hot tubs!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we asked our customer’s why they LOVE their Hot Tub! Here is what they said: “These long, cold, dark days of winter exacerbate my arthritis and fibromyalgia. I look forward to my nightly soak, which not only warms me to the bone, but also relieves my aching muscles and […]

Hot-tubbing in the snow!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of your or your family hot-tubbing during one of the many blizzards we’ve had this season! The funny thing is when we first asked for pictures to be submitted, it was during the FIRST of those two snow storms we got back to back. Most of these pictures […]

Don’t try this at home

I’ve always warned against eating KFC in the hot tub… This just proves I was right! Source