How much do you know about Hot Tubs: Spa

How much do you know about hot tubs!? Inspired by a magazine article published by our friends at, we’re going to share some fun facts WE learned from reading this article! First, answer the following question: View Poll The answer is: The term is derived from the town of Spa, Belgium Spa, Belgium is […]

Warm Up in Your Hot Tub on Chilly Nights

Our General Manager, Jeff, was interviewed for an article on PoolLifeMagazine about ways to increase the enjoyability of your hot tub in the upcoming chilly months! He was quoted as saying: “People are tying their hot tubs in with their backyard sanctuaries,” says Jeff Bailey, Vice President of Spring Dance Hot Tubs. He suggests spicing […]

Preparing for the Cold

Tips to Prepare your hot tub for the Cold weather:   Make sure your spa is working! This might sound obvious, but if you’ve had your spa empty or unused since the hot summer, you’ll want to fill it up and make sure everything is working! You wouldn’t want to have accidental freeze damage from a malfunctioning […]

BaquaSpa 101: Helpful Tips part 2

Continuing in our conversation of helpful BaquaSpa tips… (don’t worry if you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu- we’ve discussed a few of these before. But we think they’re really important!) Make sure to put chemicals in your spa weekly regardless of whether you’ve used it or not. This will help to maintain clarity and […]

To Winterize or Not To Winterize

To winterize or not winterize…is a GREAT question! Whether or not to close your hot tub for the winter and have it “winterized” is really up to you. What we recommend: We recommend that you leave your tub running during the winter unless you will be away for an extended period of time and no […]

BaquaSpa 101: Helpful tips

We started discussing BaquaSpa a few weeks ago and we want to continue our conversation today with some helpful tips for you to follow! Many of these tips are good to follow no matter what chemical system you’re on; however, they are especially important with BaquaSpa Clean your Cover Covers can get musty and trap […]