Video: Hot Tubs 101- Turning on your Hot Tub power

This episode of Hot Tubs 101 teaches you how to turn on your Hot Tub Power.

Video: Hot Tubs 101- How to Fill a Hot Tub

Learn how to fill a hot tub in this fun video!

How to Control the Hot Spot Hot Tub lights

The Hot Spot hot tub line by Hot Spring Spas has a great lighting feature with multi-colored lights that brighten the interior of the spa! Choose a solid color, or enjoy the multi-colored lighting feature! Watch the video to learn how to control the Hot Spot Hot Tub Lights. Or read the instructions below! How […]

ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System Troubleshooting: Flashing Ready Light

If you have a flashing “ready light” on your Hot Spring Highlife or Limelight Collection hot tub and you’re using the ACE Salt water Sanitizing System, your spa is telling you to check the salt level or use level! Follow these easy steps to keep your hot tub working perfectly so you can get back […]

Cleaning a hot tub: Using the Spa Vac

Do you know how you can get stones or grit stuck at the bottom of your hot tub that are really difficult to clean? Enter the Spa Vac! Check out this How-to video showing how easy cleaning a hot tub is using the Spa Vac: This great hot tub vacuum is sold in our online […]

We love our Spring Dance Hot Tubs’ customers!

Every spring in all three showrooms, we hold our Customer Appreciation Night. Featuring discounts on most every hot tub product you could ever need (yes, including covers!), we celebrate our customers with food, wine, fun, prizes, music & more!   In 2012 during Customer Appreciation Night we gave away 3 Kindle Fires, 3 Hot Tub […]

Spa of the Month: The Hot Spring Sovereign

This month we’re featuring the Hot Spring Sovereign as our Spa of the Month. Instead of reading about what we love about the Sovereign, as per usual, we decided to make a video about it. Enjoy! We’re  pretty sure this video is Oscar-worthy! Do you have a Hot Spring Sovereign? What do YOU love about it?

ACE Monthly Tip: How-To-Video!

Do you have the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System installed on your Hot Spring or Limelight hot tub? Or have you been thinking about trading-in your spa & upgrading to this new, simple water care system? We recently made a video (starring Spring Dance Hot Tubs of Jamison employee, William!) explaining, step-by-step, the ACE salt […]