How often Should I Drain a Hot Tub?

A great question that new or even seasoned hot tub owners wonder is: How Often Should I Drain a Hot Tub? Here is what we recommend at Spring Dance Hot Tubs: If you’re on the ACE Salt Water System Drain your spa every 6-9 months If you’re using BaquaSpa Drain your spa every 3-4 months […]

Cleaning a hot tub: Using the Spa Vac

Do you know how you can get stones or grit stuck at the bottom of your hot tub that are really difficult to clean? Enter the Spa Vac! Check out this How-to video showing how easy cleaning a hot tub is using the Spa Vac: This great hot tub vacuum is sold in our online […]

How to Clean a hot tub

Here are some tips on how to clean a hot tub & get it in TOP SHAPE for the soaking season: 1. Purge your Spa: Before Draining, put a Spa Purge agent into your hot tub to clean out bacteria from the plumbing lines. We like Clean Start by Silk Balance. 2. Drain your hot tub: […]

Baqua Spa Waterline Control: Getting rid of Sticky Waterline Deposits

If you’re getting a sticky waterline build-up that sticks to the edge of your spa and is tough to remove, this post is for you! Here are the reasons that a sticky waterline deposit can occur when you are using the BaquaSpa product line: You are not using (or not using enough) BaquaSpa Waterline control […]

Purge your Spa

We all know that after awhile, the sinks and drains in our house get backed up with gunk that needs to be flushed out!  That’s when we run to the store and grab our Drain-O. Did you realize the same thing can happen with your hot tub pipes? It is a good idea to flush […]

Problem with Cloudy Water? Time to clean your filters!

A few posts back we started discussing water clarity and some of the basic factors that contribute to it. If you missed the first article, click here to read about how often you should drain your water. When is the last time you cleaned your filters? Now this question doesn’t apply to all hot tub […]