5 Reasons Everyone Loves Hot Tubs

Everyone Loves Hot Tubs– we know why!

Why We Love Hot Tubs

EVERYONE loves hot tubs! Even Monkeys! Check out these great facts on WHY we love hot tubs!

Gracie the dog relaxing in a Hot Spring Jetsetter

Here is Gracie the dog enjoying her Hot Spring Jetsetter! Her owner Coleen told us: [Gracie] loves to float around in the tub! She never touches the water though and falls asleep pretty much right away so even she relaxes in it! Hot Tubs… relaxation for even member of the family…¬†even the furry ones! Check […]

Halloween Hot Tub

Our Hot Spot Tempo Hot Tub is on sale this weekend! [Scary goblin-monkey looking creature costs extra] (That’s William- hot tub salesman extraordinaire in our Jamison Hot Tub Showroom!)Happy Halloween!

Hot Tub Suspended from a Bridge (for someone’s enjoyment!)

Some crazy people- I mean dare devils- in Switzerland dangled a makeshift hot tub off a bridge 613 feet in the air and then GOT IN & had a good time! Kinda beats your last hot tub party, huh? Check out more details on Gizmodo