Introducing the 2018 Hot Spring Limelight Hot Tubs!

Introducing the All-New Redesigned Hot Spring Limelight Collection Hot Tubs!

Trade In Your Old Hot Tub

Wondering if you should consider trading in your old hot tub for something new? Ask yourself if your old hot tub has any of these features: Easy Water Care Options Our new hot tubs have great water care options like Silk Balance and the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System. These water care systems make hot […]

Exercise in a hot tub?

You bought your hot tub to relax, right? Have you ever considered that your hot tub might also be a great place for a work out!? It is! Here are a few reasons why: The Warmth & buoyancy of hot tub water make it a safe ideal environment for relieving pain & stiffness in your muscles & […]