Hot Tub Cinema: Would you attend?

A news item recently caught our eye about a unique event company that offers pop-up “Hot Tub Cinema” nights where they bring soft inflatable hot tubs and a movie projector to YOU! Just when we thought photobooths were the latest craze to hit parties & weddings, now someone has gone above & beyond! The Hot […]

Hot Tub Spotted: Hiding a crook!

Or rather a man was spotted IN a hot tub! We read a story about how last Tuesday in Wenatchee, Washington, police spotted a man with an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The crook ran from the police, jumped a few fences & when the police finally apprehending him, they found him hiding in a neighbor’s […]

Hillbilly Hot Tub

Nascar fans were spotted having a good ol’ time with their “Hillbilly Hot Tub” recently! Everyone loves hot tubs! Source

Hot Tub Spotted: As a Garden?

A couple in Memphis, TN had a 15 year old hot tub that was sitting empty in their backyard. Due to the fact that their spa heater required natural gas to run (something that is NOT required in our hot tubs!) and the rising price of gas, they weren’t using the hot tub anymore. So […]

Hot Tubs Spotted: On a movie set!

By the looks of it, there was a big hot tub sale going on in Easton, PA last weekend.  Until we looked a little closer & saw…. Adam Sandler!? Is he picking up some extra money by working as a hot tub salesman!? Adam Sandler on the set of his new film! Turns out he […]