Hot Tub Health Benefits

What if you committed to just 15 minutes a day to allow yourself to be rejuvenated for the stressful tasks ahead? We’re discussing the health benefits of hot tubs!

Health Benefits of a Sauna

This month we’re talking about Hot-Tubbing in the cold, and yes we realize that saunasĀ aren’t exactly hot tubs, but we think they are the PERFECT cold-weather ‘accessory!’ Not only do saunas have incredible health benefits, but there is evidence that sitting in a sauna can ward off cold symptoms! Here are a few other of […]

Hot Tubs and the Common Cold

Bless you! With cold & flu season just around the corner, people are always looking for extra ways to stay healthy during the cold months. Did you know your hot tub has health benefits beyond just a fun place for the family to congregate and a relaxing place to enjoy a glass of wine? Here […]