Should I close my hot tub for the winter?

Every wonder if you should close your hot tub for the winter? We have the answer!

What to do if your hot tub stops heating

PANIC! No.. just kidding. You don’t need to panic. In the rare case that your Hot Spring, Caldera or Sundance spa DOES stop heating, know you’re in good hands. First of all those 3 brands have the BEST warranties in the industry, and even if your hot tub is out of warranty, our service department […]

Winter-Time Hot Tub Tips

We asked the great people in our service department to come up with some things that hot tub owner’s should be on the look-out for during the chilly winter months. Here is what they said: Winter weather, for the majority of  hot tub owners, is the most enjoyable time of year to use a hot […]

To Winterize or Not To Winterize

To winterize or not winterize…is a GREAT question! Whether or not to close your hot tub for the winter and have it “winterized” is really up to you. What we recommend: We recommend that you leave your tub running during the winter unless you will be away for an extended period of time and no […]