Hot Tub Expo- Know Before you Go!

Read this before you Go

To the Expo

Are you considering going to a big advertised Hot Tub Expo? These Expos have popped up all over the country & advertise “multiple brands competing for your business.” Read this so you’re prepared before going to the hot tub expo.


Just 1 Company Present

The Hot Tub Expo advertises multiple brands, but in fact the hot tubs come from one company only. The brands you won't see at the hot tub expo are: Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi, D-1, Max Spas and Marquis.

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No chance to "Wet-Test" a Spa

Just like test-driving a car, it's really important that you get a chance to try out the hot tub you are going to purchase before you buy. You won't have a chance to do that at a hot tub expo.


High-Pressure Sales Reps

The staff at the hot tub expo are trained to get the sale on the spot, at the highest price so they make the most commission. A hot tub is a big decision that you should consider wisely and on your own time!

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Multiple Brands not Present

Despite advertising suggesting otherwise, multiple brands are not present at these big spa shows. They get away with claiming there are multiple brands competing for your business because the same 1 manufacturer sells different “brands” (different names, quality & type of spa). But they are all being sold by one outlet. Multiple companies are not competing for your business. Some of the major brands you’ve heard of like Hot Spring, Caldera, Sundance, Jacuzzi and more will not be present at the show.

No chance to try out the hot tubs

You’ll definitely get a chance to sit in some of the hot tubs that are on display, but they aren’t going to be filled with water (and who wants to strip down into a bathing suit in an expo center full of people anyway!?) Just like when purchasing a car, it is important to “wet-test” a hot tub before you buy. You never know how the jets are going to feel until you test it out. And if you’re on the taller or shorter end, you want to make sure the water depth is just right!

High-Pressure Sales Reps

The sales reps at these Spa Expos are experienced “Road warriors” meaning they sell products at shows for a living. They are high-pressure and trained to get the sale on the spot. They want you to make a decision immediately. We think that it’s best to take your time when considering adding a hot tub to your home. It’s a big investment that will make a great addition to your backyard or interior room & you want to be sure you’re picking the right brand.

DOwnload a Buyer's Guide

Hot Tub Expo- Know Before you Go!

We’ve created a custom Hot Tub Report and Buyer’s Guide to help you learn what is important to look for when you’re shopping for a hot tub and what you should look for in a hot tub brand & dealer.

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