Hot Tub Entertainment Systems

Wireless TV and Sound System


Add a Wireless TV and sound system to your hot tub for the ultimate outdoor entertainment ! With this system you can transmit your favorite show from your home TV wirelessly through your

existing cable, DVD player or satellite system! No extra cables are needed! The 17″ widescreen LCD TV is waterproof & temperature resistant. It mounts to your hot tub with a bracket that rotates 350 degrees so you can enjoy the TV from any angle in your backyard!


Sound System with Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, this system allows you stream your music live or play your music from your Bluetooth enabled device directly from your hot tub’s speakers!

In-Home Wireless Sound System

Leave your favorite audio source (from iPod, MP3, satellite radio, AM/FM radio, CD/DVD player, audio files on your computer, and more) inside your home, and transmit the audio to your hot tub outdoors! You control the music track & volume while sitting in your hot tub! You can even play music through your in-home audio system, as well.

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