Fall Hot Tub Cleaning Checklist

We don’t have to tell you that fall is JUST around the corner. Our brisk nights yet sun-shiney days are evidence of that!

What you may not know is that the fall is the perfect time to clean your hot tub! Follow this simple check-list to get your hot tub in prime condition for the chilly days ahead!

  • Drain your hot tub water
  • Clean or replace your filters
  • Clean your hot tub shell
  • Clean your hot tub pillows
  • Clean and condition your Spa Cover
    Try out our 303 vinyl protectant product!
  • Check to make sure your all 4 cover locks aren’t brittle or broken. If they are, it might be a good time to replace them!

Download our Hot Tub Housekeeping Instructions document for more detailed Fall cleaning instructions!

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