BaquaSpa 101: Getting Started

Now THIS is the blog you’ve been waiting for! We’ve carried the BaquaSpa brand since 1998 and more than 1/2 of our customers use the product (if you’re using chlorine/oxidizer or silver ion, you’re welcomed to listen, but this conversation is not for you!)

Here are the BaquaSpa benefits:

-No harsh chemical order
-It’s chlorine & bromine free
-It doesn’t burn your eyes, bleach your hair or dry out your skin
-It’s an easy 1-2-3 application!

Some of you don’t believe me because you’ve had issues with BaquaSpa in the past. That’s why this blog is for YOU! We want this post, and the posts that follow, to clear up any misunderstandings about BaquaSpa and clarify just how easy the product is to use.

Here’s a quick run-down on the product:

  • Always balance your water first (adjust Total Alkalinity first, then pH, then your calcium hardness- this is very important!)
  • Add step #1 and then run your jets through a 15-20 minute cycle to evenly disperse the product into the water
  • Step #2 can be added at the same time as #1 (or you can wait until after the 15-20 minute cycle)
  • Add Step #3 (your water may cloud for a few hours- it will clear up!). The ideal level for step #3 (sanitizer) is 30-50ppm.
  • Wait 15 minutes before getting in!


  • Every week test your water*. Balance your Total Alk, pH and calcium hardness FIRST if needed and then add #1 and #2. If the test strips read low for step #3, add that. Most likely you will only have to add #3 every few weeks. It’s a very stable product!
  • To maintain clarity of the water, you will need to put chemicals in the spa weekly, regardless of whether you used it or not. Hot tubs can grow bacteria even if no one is in it (the bad news about hot water). However, without use, the water balance shouldn’t change!
  • If you’re having trouble with your water clarity- bring us a water sample! It’s hard for us to help you over the phone/on the internet without actually SEEING your water!
  • Drain your spa at least every 3-4 months (You can read another blog entry here about what happens if you don’t!)
  • BaquaSpa works best when you’re as exact as you can be with the measurements. Use the measure cup provided in your sample kit (or buy a new one in our online store). You can guess with measurements when you’re using chlorine but cannot when you use BaquaSpa.

Download the BaquaSpa Guide!

*test strips expire! Check the bottom of your bottle!

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