To Winterize or Not To Winterize

To winterize or not winterize…is a GREAT question!

Whether or not to close your hot tub for the winter and have it “winterized” is really up to you.
What we recommend:
We recommend that you leave your tub running during the winter unless you will be away for an extended period of time and no one will be around to check your hot tub on a daily basis.
Doesn’t it save energy to have it winterized?
Some hot tub owners feel it is more cost effective to winterize their tub for the cold season, but in actuality, the savings on the elctric usage is less than the cost of having a professional winterization done.  You could actually end up spending more than you’re saving!
I still want to do it. Can you tell me how?
Due to our climate and the freezing conditions we get in the winter, we recommend having your tub professionally winterized if needed. You must remember that, depending on the model of hot tub, you may have up to 3 jet-pump systems within the tub, and each one must be drained of all water to prevent freeze damage.
What happens if I get freeze damage?
Freeze damage can be very expensive to repair and would not be covered by the manufacturer, even if your tub is still within the warranty period.
If you have more questions or want to book a Hot Tub Winterization, contact the Spring Dance Hot Tubs Service Department at (215) 491-7446!

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