BaquaSpa 101: Troubleshooting

Over the years we’ve collected the most common problems BaquaSpa users have had.  See if any of these problems sound familiar and take a look at our “fixes”

  • Throat irritation or coughing:
    This is most likely caused by an overdose of sanitizer (step #3).  Remember that you TEST for step #3 weekly but only add it when it’s low.  Many people forget this and add it weekly!  The sanitizer is a very stable product that probably will only need to be added every 3-4 weeks!
    To fix an overdose problem: use the spa and don’t add more- the sanitizer will burn off eventually. Or you can drain the spa.Another cause of irritation could be from soft water (or low calcium hardness) With harder water, there is less iritation because is less “tension” in the water (aka less foam or bubbles to pop and irritate your throat!)
    Try adding twice the amount of waterline control (step #1) to add a shieldagainst irritation. Waterline control coats the surface of the spa and makes thebubbles burst at the surface instead of the air and at your face
  • Cloudy Water:
    The first fix for cloudy water is to make sure your water is in balance. If it is, cloudy water could be caused by a waterline control overdose (Step #1) If you are religious with our chemicals (and that’s a good thing!) step #1 can make your water cloudy.
    Try NOT adding step #1 for 2 weeks and that should fix theproblem!
  • Excessive Foam:
    Foam is caused by foreign oils or soaps being introduced into the water. It comes from the soaps or lotions from your skin or the laundry detergeant from your bathing sui Obviously some of what comes from your skin is unavoidable, but try to avoid getting these foreign oils into your spa.
    To correct excessive foam try adding foam disperser– but watch how much you add. It is possible that after a certain point, foam disperser can just make the problem worse! If the problem does not go away, try draining part or all of the water from your spa.

  • Clean the underside of your cover:
    We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again because it’s so important! BaquaSpa does not bleach out the smell of bacteria trapped in your cover like chlorine does.  Clean the underside with cover cleaner or else you’ll get a really musty odor from the trapped bacteria. Read our blog on Helpful Tips for more information!

  • Low-Usage of the spa:
    We’ve mentioned before that you need to add chemicals weekly, even when you haven’t used the spa, because bacteria can still grow.  If you rarely use your spa, try using 1/2 of the required amount of step #1.  If a scumline appears along the waterline, start using the required amount again!

3 thoughts on “BaquaSpa 101: Troubleshooting”

  1. Yolanda Wallace

    I have whitish cloud in my spa, my sanitizer is very high, and I have added so much pH decreased to get it balanced. But I can not get it uncloudy! This baqua spa is way harder then chlorine.

  2. I forgot to let you know my calcium hardness is 0 so what can I use to raise it. Also what can I clean the underneath cover with. I have a Coleman inflatable spa

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