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Baqua Spa Waterline Control: Getting rid of Sticky Waterline Deposits

If you’re getting a sticky waterline build-up that sticks to the edge of your spa and is tough to remove, this post is for you! Here are the reasons that a sticky waterline deposit can occur when you are using the BaquaSpa product line:

  • You are not using (or not using enough) BaquaSpa Waterline control Step #1
  • Your water is not in balance
  • There is an excess of body oils in your spa (or you haven’t drained your spa in over 3 months)

I’m still having a problem! If your water is in balance, your hot tub has been drained in the past 3 months and you use step #1 religiously and you still have the sticky waterline problem, try the following:

  • Try a maintenance “mid-week” dose of Waterline Control. If you do your chemicals every Saturday, throw 1/2 of your normal dose in every Wednesday until you see the problem corrected.
  • Clean off the scumline with BaquaSpa Surface cleaner (this product contains hydrochloric acid and definitely does the trick!)

What does Waterline Control (#1) do? Good question! Step #1 reduces the bubbles that burst above the waterline (which can be really irritating to your throat). It coats the sanitzer product (step #3) and the bacteria in the water and won’t allow it to attach to the shell wall. Sanitizer + bacteria= a sticky mess. Step #1 works to prevent that sticky mess from touching your hot tub walls (or waterline!)

Helpful Tip

Be sure to have your JET PUMP on when you’re adding waterline control- not your blower. The air from the blower will have an adverse effect on the waterline control product! (This is a good rule to follow for ALL your chemicals- always the jet pump, never the blower!)

BaquaSpa users sound off: did you try the suggestions above and did they work? Or has something else worked for you in the past? Fill us in and/or ask us more questions!

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