Warm Up in Your Hot Tub on Chilly Nights

Our General Manager, Jeff, was interviewed for an article on PoolLifeMagazine about ways to increase the enjoyability of your hot tub in the upcoming chilly months! He was quoted as saying:

“People are tying their hot tubs in with their backyard sanctuaries,” says Jeff Bailey, Vice President of Spring Dance Hot Tubs. He suggests spicing up the scene by adding lighting or water features to the mix.

The article has some GREAT tips for chilly hot-tubbing nights!

Smell: Try Aromatherapy like Being scents for your hot tub. Just pour in a capful & relax while smelling the soothing scent of green tea, lavender, lemon cypress & basil and so many more! (Try my favorite Release- Chamomile & Clarky Sage!)

Sight: Add a few candles around your hot tub for a romantic ambiance!

Sound: Most likely, if you have a tub from Spring Dance, you have a water feature in your spa. Try turning off the jets but keeping your waterfall on. Lay back, enjoy the smell of your aromatherapy & the glow of the candles around your spas- Ahhh! Bliss! (and if you don’t have a hot tub with a water feature, why not shop our virtual showroom to see what is available!)

If you have a stereo in your hot tub or an ipod hook-up, pop in your favorite tunes! By the way, what is your favorite type of music to listen to in your hot tub? Share it with us in the comments!

Touch: Nothing is worse than touching a dirty hot tub or dirty feeling hot-tub water! Make sure to keep your hot tub clean so you can enjoy the chilly fall nights. Read all about hot tub cleaning care here! And why not try our new product, Silk Balance, that our customers are RAVING about because it clears up your water while providing a silky, clean touch!

Taste: Our favorite! The article on PoolLifeMagazine has a great recipe for a Strawberry Sensation Smoothie that you can enjoy in your hot tub on those chilly nights! Read the entire article here for the recipe plus many more chilly night hot-tubbing tips! What is your favorite thing to drink while you’re relaxing in your hot tub?

And just for YOU, our blog readers, enjoy a 10% discount through the end of the September in our online store! Maybe you can try out a few Being scents!
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