Wintertime Hottubbing Tips

Over the life of our HotTubs101 blog, we’ve written many posts offering tips and suggestions for hot-tubbing in the wintertime! We’ve compiled the tips here so you don’t have to go searching high and low all over the site!

  1. Should I winterize my hot tub and “Close up shop” for the cold season!? Read “To Winterize or Not to Winterize” here
  2. How do I prepare for the cold weather this season? “Preparing for the cold
  3. What should I be doing once the cold weather hits!? “Winter Time Hot-Tubbing Tips
  4. Cover tips for the winter
  5. What to do if your spa stops heating
  6. And lastly, ENJOY your hot tub this winter! Winter is our favorite time to get in the hot tub! There’s nothing like coming home from a hard day at work, pouring yourself a glass of wine (or hot chocolate!), running quickly through the cold and into your spa to relax and warm up while the air around you is frigid and snow falls lightly to the ground! Ah… bliss!

Hot tub image courtesy of Hot Spring Spas Installation Ideas!

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