Silk Balance: Get a bottle for free!

This fall we introduced you to a revolutionary hot tub water care product called Silk Balance! If you are new to our blog or haven’t checked out the product yet, catch up on what this product is all about here:

  1. Introducing Silk Balance
  2. Silk Balance- Further Intructions

Here is what people are saying about Silk Balance:

Silk Balance give our hot tub the right balance effortlessly its so easy to use. We can get romantic now without a lot of problem bubbles and gunk, because Silk Balance keeps the water clean, soft and clear.”

Jayne and Chris
York, Maine

To all those with a spa that do not like dealing with all the chemicals. This stuff is great!!!! Once a week all I need to is pour 4.5 oz. in and I am done. I love it!

John G.
Colorado Springs, CA

Have you been using the product!? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

If you’re currently using Silk Balance, send us a your thoughts about the product along with a digital picture by your hot tub, holding the product, and you can get a bottle for free!! It’s THAT easy! Contact us with a testimonial and your picture!

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