Hot-tubbing in the snow!

Thanks to everyone who sent in pictures of your or your family hot-tubbing during one of the many blizzards we’ve had this season! The funny thing is when we first asked for pictures to be submitted, it was during the FIRST of those two snow storms we got back to back. Most of these pictures are from THAT snowstorm! We got another foot plus after these pictures were submitted!!!!

So beautiful and peaceful!

I bet he had a blast!
How did you GET to your hot tub is my question!?

No fair! You have an umbrella to protect you from the snow!

How fun for the kids!

It’s been a few weeks I already forget how much snow we got! Look at that!

How fun! Invite me next time!
Thanks everyone! I’ve always said winter time in the snow is my FAVORITE time to be in a hot tub!

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