Preventing Hot Tub Cover Damage

This is NOT funny!

I was reminded today of hot tubs while stopped under a tree, sitting in traffic at a light on my way in to work, when an acorn, or maybe it was the guy next to me throwing an apple core or hey- it could have been a meteor falling from the sky- but SOMETHING hit the roof of my car and DENTED it!!

Acorn damage is not covered by my car’s warranty. And understandably why. It’s not VW’s fault that that acorn/apple/alien dropping an meteor hit my car, but it reminded me about things that can happen to hot tubs that manufacture doesn’t consider “their fault.”

For example, if there’s a windstorm & your cover strap breaks- unfortunately, that was mother nature (and blaming mother nature doesn’t always get us anywhere) and those sorts of things aren’t covered under the warranty.

But the good news is there are a couple things you can do to prevent having to pay out of pocket for Mother Nature’s faults. Like:

  • Making sure your cover straps are tight
    Sometimes the straps aren’t taut against the side of your hot tub. They’re adjustable so adjust more or less until the strap feels tight against the spa cabinet
  • Making sure the cover stays locked when not in use
    That way a big gust of wind won’t sweep up under your newly adjusted cover straps and throw the cover open (and potentially all the way across your lawn- yikes!)
  • Making sure to unstrap all the cover locks before using your cover lifter!
    Because there’s nothing worse that getting ready for a relaxing soak and “Uh oh? What was that sound?” and realizing you left the back straps in the buckle & the pressure of the cover opening with the cover lifter ripped them right out. Way to ruin relaxation Mother Nature (wait.. can we blame that on Mother Nature? Ah- what the heck. Let’s do it anyway!)!!
Don’t let this be you!

All these things will prevent little mishaps & Mother Nature from ripping apart your cover & you shaking your fist just like I did, earlier today at that acorn or apple core or that alien throwing a meteor.

Hope that helps!

Big acorn found here

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