The ABCs of water balancing

Here at Spring Dance, we follow a simple rule to remember how to balance your water correctly! It’s called the ABCs of water chemistry because it’s best to balance your water in alphabetical order:

  1. Alkalinity: Start with your Total Alkalinity before you balance anything else
  2. Calcium Hardness: Your Calcium Hardness level is next. Quick tip about Calcium hardness levels- they are especially important to pay attention to if you’re on the ACE Salt water sanitizing system. On other systems, if you find you have foamy water, you might want to raise your calcium a bit!
  3. pH: If your pH is out of wack, balance that next.
  4. Sanitizer: And last but not least, add your sanitizer to the water!
Following the ABCs of water balancing will ensure you balance your water correctly, every time!
Always make sure you add sanitizer after you balance your water. Otherwise you won’t have an accurate reading in your water!
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