Introducing the Caldera Cantabria: Our June “Spa of the Month”

This month we’re featuring the Caldera model Cantabria as our “Spa of the month!”

The Cantabria is a HUGE hot tub at 9′ by 7’7″ and seats up to 8 adults!

We put its size to the test when we had the defensive unit from the Downingtown West football team in the hot tub- they all fit!!

Defensive players from the Downingtown West Football team!

Some features we love about the Caldera Cantabria are:

– The TWO Acquarella waterfalls that light up beautifully

– It packs a lot of power with 3 pumps and features a customizable massage with 6 jet sequences and 3 different speeds!

– Comes with 3 different shell & cabinet color options!

And there’s so much more! You have to see the Caldera Cantabria for yourself! Or explore the Cantabria online!

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