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Did you know: Spring Dance’s Green Initiatives


Did you know? We’ve recently taken some GREEN initiatives to decrease our carbon footprint & become better stewards of the resources we have been given. For example:

Ever wondered what happened to your old junky hot tub we pulled from your backyard when you upgraded to something new? Well, we are able to recycle parts of old hot tubs, and since May 2011 we’ve delivered 5400 pounds of old hot tub pumps to a local pump recycler!

A few years ago we switched to inter-modal shipping for our hot tubs from California. So instead of coming across the road in a truck, we get a container of hot tubs coming across the country via rail! Not only is less fuel used, but it’s a cleaner fuel decreasing the pollution that is released into the air! Not to mention by traveling by train we’re giving FREE transport to hobos! Did those look like Dorito crumbs in your lounge seat when we unwrapped your hot tub? Maybe that’s from a train-hopper guest who used your tub to crash* for a few days!


The hot tubs we have are extremely Energy Efficient. California has the toughest energy efficiency standards in the country & our hot tubs are required to meet those standards. Just one example of an energy efficient features is that the circulation pump of a Hot Spring Spa circulation pump uses less energy to operate than a 40-watt light bulb! Read more about our hot tub’s energy efficiency!

Ahh, it’s so easy being Green!

*to our knowledge no hobos have actually ever been found in our hot tubs…

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