Hot Tubs Spotted: On a movie set!

By the looks of it, there was a big hot tub sale going on in Easton, PA last weekend.  Until we looked a little closer & saw…. Adam Sandler!? Is he picking up some extra money by working as a hot tub salesman!?

Adam Sandler on the set of his new film!

Turns out he was in town to film a scene for his new movie, “I hate you, Dad.”

According to some insiders, the hot tubs were there for a faux hot tub store called the “Hot Tub Mega Mart.” The set designers took a famous Disney line & turned it into a tagline for the hot tub store:

“It’s a Spa World After All!”

With last year’s “Hot Tub Time Machine” and now THIS movie, hot tubs are popping up all over Hollywood! We’re looking forward to seeing what hot tubs have to do with Adam Sandler hating his dad (or being THE hated dad!)

Source for info about the movie & Pictures

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