Hot Tub Spotted: As a Garden?

A couple in Memphis, TN had a 15 year old hot tub that was sitting empty in their backyard. Due to the fact that their spa heater required natural gas to run (something that is NOT required in our hot tubs!) and the rising price of gas, they weren’t using the hot tub anymore.

So what did they do?

They turned it into a garden of course! That’s right! They filled their old, useless hot tub with dirt & made a garden!

“After 38 bags of dirt and $4 in seed packets, we, the butterflies and bumblebees enjoy the flowers!”

What a creative idea! If you’re not using your hot tub anymore (and unless your heater runs on natural gas too, we can’t possibly understand why!) our delivery department can haul it away for you & dispose of it, recycling the parts we are able to! Contact us for a quote!

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