All in the Family: The Baileys

We’re not a big company- and that’s okay with us! That allows us to have a relaxed environment (I counted- we’ve celebrated 4 birthdays in the last 3 weeks. That’s a lot of left over ice cream cake in our freezer!) and make changes a lot quicker than if we were a big company.

One of our favorite things to say is that we’re a family-owned company. A lot of businesses say that, and for us that means we have a lot of family members working at Spring Dance!

Today we want to introduce you to the Bailey’s:

(From L to R) Lauren, Diane, Brooke, Jeff, Sara

Jeff Bailey is our Operations guy & is a co-owner in our West Berlin store. Jeff has worked for Spring Dance for forever (okay since 2000). First he was in sales, then he moved into the sales manager position & finally he got that title which really means “does anything & everything while working really long hours!”

A few years ago (2006 or 2007 maybe- I really need to do my research!), Jeff’s wife, Diane Bailey started working for us as retail counter help. Quickly that position morphed into “does everything front-of-store related (even runs the forklift to unload trucks when no one else is around) with a smile on her face!”

About a year or so later, Lauren Bailey, Jeff & Diane’s oldest daughter, starting working as retail help. She was great to have around & *sniff* left us for college just about 2 years ago!

Thankfully there was another Bailey to step in her shoes & Sara Bailey jumped in the family biz & fit in wonderfully! SADLY we’re losing Sara to college in a few weeks, too!

But THANKFULLY there is still one more Bailey in the family! And we hope to eventually convince Brooke Bailey to join us here at Spring Dance!!!

Now you know a little Spring Dance trivia for next time you come in to pick up a bottle of chlorine!

This post is part of our 13th anniversary celebration where we talk about whatever we want, all month long!

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