Hot Tubs and Earthquakes

The “Devastation” from the earthquake

After this week’s surprise earthquake on the East Coast, I got thinking about hot tubs & how they hold up in natural disasters. So I hit my favorite place for quandaries such as these: Google. It turns out after a natural disaster, the hot tub isn’t the first thing that comes to survivor’s minds as something to photograph & post online for our viewing pleasure. Don’t they know we want to see these things!??

I did find a few images & stories

This image is of an outdoor hot tub after the tsumani & earthquake in Japan:

I read this scary story from the Santa Cruz Sentinel:

I was inside the second story hot tub cleaning it when the earthquake hit. From that view point I saw Quail Run Road actually move up and down in a rolling fashion and the telephone poles were whipped back and forth. I could not extricate myself from the tub as the house and the deck that supported it were moving quite violently. It reminded me of the Disneyland Tea Cup Ride.

This comic made me laugh:

And on Yelp I found a picture of one person’s attempt to protect their hot tub from “Earthquakes and zombies”

If an earthquake ever hits the east again & I’m around to experience the “Disney-land Tea Cup Ride-like feeling,” I hope I’m in a hot tub like the zombie-proof one above and am as prepared as the couple in the comic!

Where were you for The BIG East Coast Earthquake of 2011?

 This post is part of our 13th anniversary celebration where we talk about whatever we want, all month long!

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