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Why do I have so many hot tub filters?

hot tub filterA customer recently asked me why there were so many hot tub filters in her Hot Spring Grandee hot tub (The Grandee has 5 filters), and I thought it was a good question. So I asked one of our sales reps who is an expert on the Hot Spring Spa filtration.

He told me:

  • Hot Spring Spas have 100% Filtration which means that when you’re soaking in your hot tub and your body starts to sweat, 100% of the oil & sweat from your body gets filtered out of the water. Good thing!
  • The first filter in a Hot Spring Spa is specifically for the circulation pump. That filter gets a LOT of use, so it’s a good idea to rotate that filter every few months.
  • Then two of the filters are dedicated for pump #1 and the remaining two are for pump #2!

Without all these filters you’d have to use a lot more chemicals to keep your hot tub looking clean!

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