Hot-Tubbing in the Cold: Save Money when heating your hot tub

Here’s a HOT TIP for winter hot tub care about your Hot Spring brand hot tub* that can save you money on your electric bill this winter!

When you’re heating your hot tub for the first time or on a refill, turn off the breaker that runs your heater. You have a 24/7 circulation pump in your hot tub that will get cold tap water heated to a nice luke-warm 75 degrees using much less energy than if your heater was running!

Once the water hits around 75 degrees F, turn the breaker to your heater back on & let your hot tub heat up the rest of the way! Now you have nice, warm hot tub water, but you used much less energy!

Another tip straight from our service manager is to run the jets on your Hot Spring Spa with your cover closed as you are heating the spa. The heat from the pumps will warm the water using less energy!

Don’t know which breaker controls your heater? Follow this handy chart to figure it out:

30 amp Breaker 20 amp Breaker

Do you have a Caldera Hot Tub? All Caldera Models except on the Vancanza Series* (Marino, Palatino, Vanto, Aventine, Cima, Lina) control the heater with the 20 amp breaker.

*Unfortunately, this trick can’t be used with a Hot Spot or Vancaza Series hot tubs. These models only have 1 breaker which will shut off the hot tub completely!

This post is part of our November 2011 feature: Hot Tubbing in the Cold! Join us all month for tips & fun facts about winter hot tub care!

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