Spa(s) of the Month: Geneva & Niagara

We’re getting CRAZY here at Spring Dance & this month featuring not one but TWO hot tubs as our Spa(s) of the Month!

We can’t mention the Caldera Spas Geneva without mentioning the Caldera Spas Niagara, so we decided to feature both!

We call the Geneva & Niagara “Sister Spas” since they are both the exact same size- 7’5″x7’5″ but have slightly different features. The Niagara features open, barrier-free seating for 7 Adults! And the Geneva can fit up to 6 Adults & includes a roomy lounge seat!

Both spas have beautiful lighting & feature a backlit Aquarella Water Feature! Visit one of our Philadelphia-area Hot Tub showrooms (in Pennsylvania AND New Jersey) and ask for a demonstration!

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