12 Featured Hot Tubs

The beginning of the year is when you do a lot of thinking & recapping of the prior year. It’s no different for us at Spring Dance Hot Tubs. And as we’ve thought through hot-tubbing in 2011, we realized that we featured 12 different hot tub models over the last year as our “Spa of the Month.” And 12 models is not even half of the hot tub models we have available!

Here is a quick look at the 12 hot tubs we featured in 2011:

Some of my favorite highlights:
  • In August we told you about the all new Hot Spot Rhythm featuring a massaging footwell for the perfect foot massage!
  • When we featured The Hot Spring Sovereign model in October, we made a video featuring a few staff members sharing their favorite things about the Sovereign:

We hope you enjoyed seeing our featured Spa of the Month in 2011!! We’re looking forward to showing you even more hot tub models in 2012!

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