The benefits of 100% No-bypass Filtration

A great feature of the Hot Spring Spa Highlife collection is the 100% No-Bypass Filtration

This means that all of the water passes through the filter before it re-enters the spa.

When you are in the hot tub with your family and friends, oils from sun tan lotion, perfume, makeup, hair products and more can build up in the hot tub water. It’s best to have the most filtration possible while you are using your hot tub!

Only Hot Spring Highlife Hot Tubs offer 100% no bypass filtration. All of the water passes through a filter and is cleaned, ozonated and heated before heading back out of the jets delivering that amazing Hot Spring massage. All other tubs use floor intakes that bypass the filters and shoot some of that dirty, unfiltered water out of the jets and back into your spa.  Build up of this oil can collect in your plumbing over time, causing deposits and odor.

Don’t settle for less! Hot Spring is the leader in filtration innovation!

Come see our Hot Spring Highlife Collection hot tubs today in one of our 3 Philadelphia area showrooms or Request a Quote if you already know what model you love!

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