Trade In Your Old Hot Tub

Wondering if you should consider trading in your old hot tub for something new? Ask yourself if your old hot tub has any of these features:

Easy Water Care Options

Our new hot tubs have great water care options like Silk Balance and the Freshwater Salt System. These water care systems make hot tub maintenance and keep your hot tub cleaner!

Entertainment Options

Hot Tubs aren’t just for relaxing anymore! Now you can listen to your favorite music through our built-in MP3 players or wireless transmitted iPod docks. Plus with our Wireless TV options you can hook your hot tub up to the cable entertainment system in your home or stream movies out to your hot tub! Learn more about our Entertainment Systems

New Jet, Lighting & Control Features

Hot Tubs of today look drastically different than in the past. They are more intuitive than ever with digital control systems. A hot tub is like an outdoor light show with new beautiful color displays illuminating the entire spa! Plus the jets are engineered to provide a massage exactly in the spots you need it most

The Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs available

Our hot tubs feature fully-foamed models with the exclusive FiberCor insulation material. Hot Spring & Caldera Hot tubs set the standard when it comes to energy efficient relaxation and you won’t find a more energy efficient hot tub out there.


We’re having a Trade In Your Old Hot Tub Sale at Spring Dance Hot Tubs. Wondering what your hot tub might be worth towards the purchase of a new spa? Find out today!

What is my Old Spa Worth?

*Please note, we can only offer trade-in values for the Philadelphia area of PA & NJ. 

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