Protect your Hot Tub in a Storm

As you’re preparing your home for a big storm with a ton of rain, potential flooding and high wind gusts, don’t forget to protect your hot tub, especially the hot tub cover! Follow these simple steps to protect your hot tub during a storm:

  • Remove anything from your patio or deck that could fly and hit the side of your hot tub or puncture the cover, including debris like branches that have already fallen from trees.
  • Make sure all 4 of your cover locks are securely locked into place.
  • After securing the locks, pull up gently on the cover to see if the cover moves at all. If it does, adjust the straps so there isn’t as much give.
  • If your tub is located at the shore or somewhere that gets extreme wind, install a set of additional secure straps for extra security for your cover: Hot Tub Secure Straps

Stay safe & dry!

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