Calling all Hot Tubbers: Keep Calm and Hot Tub on!

A little message for you Hot Tubbers out there:

Keep Calm and Hot Tub ON

Remember when the stress of the day is getting to you, taking just 15-20 minutes in your hot tub will help melt the stress away! So when life feels like it’s too much: Keep Calm and Hot Tub On! 

I'm a hot tubber gift packageAre you a Hot Tubber?

Do you consider yourself a hot-tubber? If so, from February 15 – March 15, 2013, upload a short video proclaiming you are a hot-tubber and you’ll get an “I’m a Hot Tubber” gift package! Share your hot-tubber video here >> 

Win a Towel

From now until March 31st 2013, when you write a review about your experience with Spring Dance Hot Tubs on Google or Yelp, we’ll send you an “I’m a Hot-Tubber” towel!* Review your Hot Tub >>

*Reviews must be posted to Google or Yelp by one of our Spring Dance Hot Tub’s customers. We will contact you about your free beach towel after your review is posted online!

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