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How many jets do I need in a hot tub?

When shopping for a hot tub you will see many hot tubs boasting dozens upon dozens or even hundreds of jets! It turns out it’s a misconception that the more jets a hot tub has, the better it is.

How many jets do I need in a hot tub?

  • Instead of focusing on the number of jets, look into the jet quality and the variety of the jets. A seat with 25 of the same jets hitting your back is not going to be as effective as a seat with 2 large jets for your shoulder blades and a jet that sweeps up and down your spine.
  • Another important quality of jets is how they are positioned within the seats or lounges through the hot tub. A hot tub that maximizes the jetting experience will address all of the body’s major muscle groups. That seat mentioned above with the same 25 jets will not provide the relief of a seat with just 3 or 4 jets strategically placed to hit pressure points and engineered to give you the maximum pain and stress relief.
  • You’ll also want to consider jet flow adjust-ability which is a feature of the hot tub jets that allow you to customize the massage by regulating the amount of air and/or water supplied to the jets.

What matters most isn’t the number of jets in a hot tub, but how they feel!

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