Hot to buy an affordable hot tub

If you want to join the Hot Tubber club, but are concerned about the additional costs like installing a concrete pad, updating your deck or adding the appropriate electrical wiring, we have the perfect hot tub for you!

Our Plug-N-Play Freeflow Spas offer an affordable hot tub that simply plugs into any existing electrical outlet. Freeflow Spas are easy to operate and completely portable. Find a level surface in your home or outdoors, plug it in, grab a garden hose & fill it up! It’s that simple!

Smart Deck Hot Tub Decking

If you don’t have a level deck or concrete pad already in your backyard (or in a room in your house), our SmartDeck Hot Tub Decking is the perfect solution. All you need to do is level a surface in your yard and snap the SmartDeck system together. There’s no need for a contractor to pour a pad or deck designer to redo your patio in a project that lasts all summer long!

The Freeflow hot tub and SmartDeck combination is perfect for renters who aren’t allowed to pour concrete or run new electric wiring!

Owning a hot tub has never been easier with our Plug-N-Play FreeFlow hot tub line!

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