How To Create A Relaxing Hot Tubbing Area In Your Backyard

Millions of Americans have discovered the benefits of having a hot tub in their home! Having a hot tub in your backyard can be a good stress reliever and as we’ve mentioned before, sitting in hot water has many health benefits.

According to studies, it can improve one’s cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and may even help diabetes and promote weight loss.

Planning to have a hot tub in your home? Follow these tips to create a relaxing hot tubbing area in your backyard.

Separate your hot tub area from your outdoor living space

If you have a deck or an outdoor seating area, consider having your hot tub in a separate space. Sitting or dining near a tub full of hot, bubbling water can be a treat, but it can be a challenge to get some privacy if you’ll be hot tubbing in the vicinity of everyone else. Move your hot tub far enough away from the eating area so you can relax in private!

Add another water feature to your hot-tubbing area

Adding a smaller water feature such as an outdoor wall or freestanding fountain can enhance the look of your backyard and amplify peace and relaxation. Place it near your hot tub so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the flowing water from the fountain.
Apart from a water fountain, other water features that you can add to your backyard include a water wall made from re purposed materials or a DIY water garden.

Dress it up with plants, lighting, and accessories

Have a few potted plants near the hot tub to soften the look of your bathing area and give it some life. Install some lighting using LED lights or solar lights. As for accessories, consider having a decorative bamboo ladder nearby and use it to hang your towels. Our hot tubs feature cup holders to hold your favorite beverage!
Don’t forget about music! Our Wireless Bluetooth Systems work seamlessly with your hot tub to stream your favorite music from your favorite app, directly through your hot tub speakers.

A hot tub can add beauty and a touch of luxury to your home. Try any of these ideas to create a relaxing hot tub spot in your backyard!

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Featured Photo by Martin Kníže on Unsplash

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