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How to Get Your Hot Tub Ready for Springtime

Spring is when the weather starts to warm up. It is a wonderful time to begin enjoying your hot tub as well. Utilizing your hot tub will help you to relax in the warm weather and ease soreness and pains. Be sure you spring clean and maintain your hot tub by following the steps listed below.

1. Clean the Interior of Your Hot Tub

Make sure that your hot tub is ready for spring use by cleaning the exterior. During the winter months, your hot tub is sure to have had build-up on the interior and in the water. Be sure to drain your hot tub before beginning any interior cleaning. When your hot tub has been drained, flush out the interior of the plumbing. Wipe down the interior and hose off any build-up on the seats as well. Once this has been all cleaned, fill the hot tub and drain it again to get any leftover residue. Finally, re-fill it completely for spring use.

2. Perform a Maintenance Check on Your Hot Tub

It is important to check your hot tub and the equipment associated with it for any damage or maintenance needs. If you notice damage that is not easily repairable by you, it is important to call a repair team quickly in order to be able to enjoy your hot tub quickly. Look for water leaks between seals and rust around metal parts as well. Water leaks can cause more damage by allowing water to enter the motor. It would be more important to replace the seal where water is leaking from then replacing the entire motor. Finally, check the filter to see how dirty it is. If it is very dirty, be sure to replace the filter to ensure the best functioning.

3. Clean the Exterior of Your Hot Tub

Cleaning the exterior and around your hot tub in NJ is just as important as cleaning the interior. Be sure that there is a clear path to the hot tub to prevent potential injuries. Keeping the walkway clean will also ensure that there is no additional dirt from people’s feet getting into your hot tub. Finally, be sure to clean the outer shell of your hot tub. This will maintain a well-kept appearance. If you are planning to paint or stain the exterior, a clean exterior will provide better results as well. When looking forward to enjoying your hot tub in the spring, there are some essential steps that should be taken to make sure it is ready for your enjoyment. Be sure to clean the exterior and interior of the hot tub to keep sanitization at top priority. Check your hot tub for potential repairs and maintenance that need to be made as well before enjoyment. Be sure your hot tub is up to par for springtime enjoyment.

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